Database Design
Database Administration
Database Development & Deployment
Database Problem Solving
Tutorials & Programming
Project Management

Anticipate the growth of your company by building a flexible database system.
-Schema design
-System architecture
-Software installation & Configuration

Keep on top of your system performance, with regular instance reporting & usage projections.
-Backup & Recovery
-Application administration
-Emergency support

Avoid code issues by relying on expert level coding skill.
-System Installation & Configuration
-SQL & PL/SQL Coding
-Application & Report Development

Uncover & resolve performance bottlenecks with expert guidance.
-Performance tuning—find slow SQL
-Reverse engineering to fix bugs.
-Database is blocking users from making progress?

Equip your team with the skills that enable them to develop useful database system.
-Classroom Presentations
-Best Practices for Code
-Documentation & Project Communication

Employ a leader with outstanding communication skills to manage a database project.
-Remote or Onsite Management
-Accurate Reports
-Professional & Motivating Communication Style

Mr. Curzon provides services on a contract basis. 

With more than 20 years of comprehensive experience working with relational databases, his services cover all aspects database design, implementation, deployment and maintenance.

Retainer contracts or fixed price contracts can be written to cover your company’s specific requirements.   Affordable contracts for the small business are also available.  You can tailor a contract to procure just the services your business needs.